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Using Spring-XD to Load Files into GemFire XD

Spring XD Scripts

My General Setup Script (I save it in setup.xd and load it via  script –file setup.xd)

had config fs –namenode hdfs://pivhdsne:8020
admin config server http://localhost:9393
hadoop fs ls /
stream list

The Script for Loading a File into GemFireXD via Spring-XD

stream create --name fileload --definition "file --dir=/tmp/xd/input/load --outputType=text/plain |  jdbc --tableName=APP.filetest --columns=id,name" --deploy


Spring XD Configuration for GemFire XD

Copy the GemFire XD JDBC Driver to Spring-XD (might need tools.jar as well)

cp /usr/lib/gphd/Pivotal_GemFireXD_10/lib/gemfirexd-client.jar /opt/pivotal/spring-xd/xd/lib/

Modify the Sink’s JDBC properties to point to your Gemfire XD, if you are using the Pivotal HD VM and install Spring-XD with Yum (sudo yum update spring-xd), this is the location:

url = jdbc:gemfirexd://localhost:1527
username = gfxd
password = gfxd
driverClassName = com.pivotal.gemfirexd.jdbc.ClientDriver

For Peer Client Driver you need more files from GemFireXD Lib (the .so binaries), linking is probably a good idea.


GemFire XD Setup

connect client 'localhost:1527';

create table filetest (id int, name varchar(100)) REPLICATE PERSISTENT;
select id, kind, netservers from sys.members; 
select * from filetest;

Spring XD Commands

stream list

show your jobs




Quick Look: Spring XD


Spring XD:  A really quick way to batch process data from an easy to run shell.   It’s very easy to setup to run a one node version of XD and use it on Windows, Mac or Linux.   Looks like a great tool.




Quick Tip: Spring REST Utility for Current HTTP Request

Utility Method for Spring REST

 public static HttpServletRequest getCurrentRequest() {
     RequestAttributes requestAttributes = RequestContextHolder.getRequestAttributes();
     Assert.state(requestAttributes != null, "Could not find current request via RequestContextHolder");
     Assert.isInstanceOf(ServletRequestAttributes.class, requestAttributes);
     HttpServletRequest servletRequest = ((ServletRequestAttributes) requestAttributes).getRequest();
     Assert.state(servletRequest != null, "Could not find current HttpServletRequest");
     return servletRequest;

Sometimes it’s easier to get the underlying Servlet request to get some headers or variables.

 final String userIpAddress = getCurrentRequest().getRemoteAddr();
 final String userAgent = getCurrentRequest().getHeader("user-agent");

This is used in the simple REST service using HTTP Post verb @ the awesome CloudFoundry:


Tool for Creating Your Test JSON.

Spring Boot Documentation


Quick Links: Modern Tools for Modern Big Data Applications

Modern Front-End Tools (Front-End Build Wars)

A ton of great tools for running tons of tasks and building modern front-ends.   These are to the front what maven and gradle are to the back.
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Pivotal Resources 
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Pivotal Web Services

Quick Links: Hibernate / JPA Testing Strategies;jsessionid=884744B7143030CD229BB9105F0F482D


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