Spark Conference Updates 2017


Presentations and news from around the world for Spark 2.X, with many coming from the recent Spark Summit talks.

There are a huge number of great presentations on what’s changing in Apache Spark 2.x, here is a chance to catch up on a ton of great presentations in powerpoint and video format.

Simplifying Big Data Applications WIth Apache Spark 2.0 (YouTube)

The Next AmpLab:  RISELabs (YouTube)

Spark Performance (YouTube)

Automatic Checkpointing in Spark (YouTube)

Effective Spark with Alluxio (In-Memory) (YouTube)


Making the Switch: Predictive Maintenance on Railway Switches (YouTube)

Data-Aware Spark (Video)

Vegas, the Missing MatPlotLib for Spark (Video)

A Deep Dive into the Catalyst Optimizer (Video)

Lambda Architecture with Spark in the IoT (Video)

OrderedRDD: A Distributed Time Series Analysis Framework for Spark (Video)

A Deep Dive into the Catalyst Optimizer-Hands on Lab (Video)

SparkLint: a Tool for Monitoring, Identifying and Tuning Inefficient Spark Jobs Across Your Cluster (Video)  (Github Spark Metrics) (Github Spark Lint)

Performance Characterization of Apache Spark on Scale-up Servers (Video)

Origin-Destination Matrix Using Mobile Network Data with Spark (Video)

How We Built an Event-Time Merge of Two Kafka-Streams with Spark Streaming


Sparkling Water 2.0: The Next Generation of Machine Learning on Apache Spark (Video)

Boosting Spark Performance on Many-Core Machines (Video)

Spark and Object Stores —What You Need to Know (Video)

Better Together: Fast Data with Apache Spark and Apache Ignite (Video)

Flare: Scale Up Spark SQL with Native Compilation and Set Your Data on Fire! (Video)

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