Scala Days 2016 NYC

Scala Days 2016 Schedule have been announced!


Beyond Shuffling: Scaling Apache Spark
by Holden Karau @holdenkarau

Scala: The Unpredicted Lingua Franca for Data Science
by Andy Petrella @noootsab and Dean Wampler@deanwampler

Build a Recommender System in Apache Spark and Integrate It Using Akka
by Willem Meints @willem_meints

Implementing Microservices with Scala and Akka
by Vaughn Vernon @VaughnVernon

Microservices based off Akka cluster at iHeartRadio
by Kailuo Wang @kailuowang

Building a High-Performance Database with Scala, Akka & Spark
by Evan Chan @evanfchan

Large scale graph analysis using Scala and Akka
by Ben Fonarov @chuwiey

Distributed Real-Time Stream Processing: Why and How
by Petr Zapletal @petr_zapletal

Deep Learning and NLP with Spark
by Andy Petrella @noootsab


Fans of Scala, Spark, Big Data, Machine Learning, Real-time computing, Stream processing, functional programming and reactive programming all have great talks to choose from.   Tons of great speakers including the developer of Spark Notebook, top people in Scala and a good representation from leading industry users.


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